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Pink Floral Personalized Wedding Matchbox

Pink Floral Personalized Wedding Matchbox

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Make your wedding ambiance even brighter with our customized matchboxes just for you!


- Lightweight & easy to carry.
- Perfect as favors for weddings and other events.
- Budget-friendly.
- Come with white striking heads & natural wood stems.
- Great memorabilia and useful items for the cigar aficionados!
- Approximately 18 sticks per box. Natural wood sticks with white heads only.
- 2.22" L x 1.375" W x 0.46" H

Our standard processing time for orders is set at 3-4 weeks to guarantee meticulous attention to detail. Recognizing the occasional need for urgency, we offer a rush production service for an extra charge, ensuring a swift delivery without compromising quality. It's important to be aware that international orders may necessitate additional shipping fees. Additionally, expedited processing is contingent upon prompt approval of proofs. Rest assured, we are dedicated to meeting your expectations and accommodating your specific requirements with precision and efficiency.
Non-custom items: Return within 30 days for refund/exchange.
Customized items: Non-returnable due to personalized nature.
Questions? Email us at
  1. How can I enhance brand exposure at events?
    Create brand exposure at corporate events and personal occasions by giving away our 20 strike matchboxes to guests and patrons.
  2. What material are the custom strike matches made of?
    Manufactured from paper, custom strike matches are 1.5" W X 0.375" D X1.875" H in size.
  3. What is the imprint area of the matchboxes?
    The imprint area of the matchboxes is 1.25" X 1.25".
  4. What color options are available for customization?
    Select our custom printed matchboxes in black, white, ivory, blush, and navy blue colors to customize with logos and advertisements.
  5. How can I communicate business information to customers?
    Communicate your business information to customers by having the custom strike matches imprinted with promotional messages.
  6. On what occasions are custom printed matchboxes practical gifts?
    In weddings, cornerstone anniversaries, engagement, and corporate dinner parties, custom printed matchboxes will be practical gifts.
  7. What is the country of origin for these matchboxes?
    The matchboxes are imported.
  8. What is the material of the matchboxes?
    The matchboxes are made of paper.
  9. What are the size specifications of the matchboxes?
    Size: 1.5" W X 0.375" D X1.875" H
  10. What is the imprint area for customization?
    Imprint Area: 1.25" X 1.25"
  11. What imprint methods are available?
    Imprint Method: Screen Printing, Unimprinted
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