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21 Perfect Bridesmaid Totes For Your Wedding Party

f you're looking for the ideal bridesmaid totes for your wedding party, look no further! We've got just what you need. Our totes are stylish and versatile and can be personalized to match your wedding theme. Plus, they're made of high-quality materials that will last long after the big day. So why wait? Order yours today!

Blank Tote Bags

A good bridesmaid deserves a tote bag that looks as amazing as she does. And we've got some great options here! Go with our Rose Gold Tote, or try a few other styles, like our Hand Painted Totes or Floral Crossbody. All of them are just so pretty!

Team Bride - Tote Bag

Bridesmaid tote bags are the perfect accessory for bridal shower, bachelorette parties, engagement parties, and any wedding activities. A great gift idea for your bridesmaid. It also can be used as a make-up bag or purse.

Blame It On The Goose Beaded Boho Tote Bag

This bridesmaid tote bag is a must-have for every bridal party. It's the perfect size to hold all your wedding day essentials, and it features a cute beaded design that makes it the ideal accessory for any special occasion.

Arrow Bride - Tote Bag

A bridesmaid tote bag is an excellent gift for your bridesmaids. They can use it throughout the wedding and even afterward. This tote bag is made of fabric, has enough room to carry everything you need, and showcases your favorite quote or saying.

Mrs. Molina - Tote Bag

You’re not just buying a tote bag. You’re giving your bridesmaids something they will use again and again. They can bring this awesome tote bag to the gym, work, or grocery store. Your bridesmaids will be so grateful for this thoughtful thank you gift!

Mrs. Olsen - Tote Bag

Mrs. Olsen is the perfect tote for your bridesmaids to wear at any bridal event. This adorable tote holds all of your accessories, make-up, and even clothThe Mrs. Olsen is made of durable canvas and comes with a matching gift box.

Bachelorette Party Beaded Tote Bag

Your bridesmaids will love these tote bags! Add beads to the handles and choose from our fun colors.  These bags can be used on the big day at the venue or as a traveling companion when going out for dinner.

Personalized Beaded Bachelorette Tote Bag

They worked so hard to make your day perfect, so show them you appreciate their time and effort with a customized bridesmaid tote. Made with soft, durable fabric and tons of hidden pockets for all your bachelorette needs!

Maid of Honor Cursive - Tote Bag

Every bridesmaid needs a tote bag, but they don't all have to be the same. Bridesmaid tote bags make your bridesmaid look fantastic, and we have cute bags to choose from with a wide selection of colors, styles, and designs.

Wifey EST - Tote Bag

A bridesmaid tote bag with a fun saying will make your best bridesmaid look amazing. A great gift idea for your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and wedding party!

Custom Mrs. Beaded Tote Bag

The Mrs. Beaded Tote is the perfect bag to carry your essentials and shows that you’re the best bridesmaid. It comes in a sturdy design with gold-colored hardware and has plenty of room for all your on-the-go needs.

Mrs. Smith EST - Tote Bag

Make your bridesmaids look and feel amazing with one of these adorable tote bags. Whether you're giving out at the bachelorette party or giving away at each wedding shower, these bags will make your ladies feel appreciated!

Personalized Monogram - Tote Bag

Our personalized bridesmaid tote bag is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids on your wedding day. It can carry its makeup and toiletry bags as a clutch for a night out. It will make them feel amazing!

Bride Beaded Tote Bag

This Bridesmaid Tote Bag is the perfect gift for a bride to give to each of her bridesmaids. Its decorative design will make your best girls feel like a princess, and they can carry the bag with pride at any wedding event.

Custom Initial - Tote Bag

They're there on sunny times and rainy days, helping you with all the last-minute details of your wedding. This custom bridesmaid tote bag makes sure they look amazing all night long!

Custom Monogram - Tote Bag

The perfect bridesmaid tote bag! If your bridesmaids are in charge of ushering at your wedding, they will surely need a place to store all their items. A custom monogrammed tote bag is a great way to ensure they're organized and ready for the big day!

Personalized Mrs. Taylor - Tote Bag

Your bridesmaids know that you love them, but we can help them show off just how much by giving them a tote bag that is personalized to express their personality. With the right design and message, you can let everyone in on how beautiful they are and what a great role they played as your bridesmaids.

Custom Bride - Tote Bag

Your bridesmaids will be ready to go in this adorable bag. The durable material will hold everything they need and keep it safe during the wedding day. They'll also look amazing with this custom bride-tote bag!

Bride Tribe Arrow Style - Tote Bag

Looking for bridesmaid tote bags that look amazing? The Bride Tribe Arrow Style - Tote Bag is a great solution for your bridesmaids. This fashionable and affordable bag is perfect for storing all their stuff in style.

Cursive Bride - Tote Bag

Help your bridesmaids look amazing in their green t-shirts by giving them these fun tote bags to carry their things in! Not only do they look great, but they can also carry stuff for the bride and groom if needed, making them a must-have for any wedding day.

Natural Palm Leaves Metallic Tote Bag

Our custom bridesmaid tote bag is perfect for the bride's maid of honor or junior bridesmaid. Our custom bags are durable, reusable, and eco-friendly. Perfect as a party favor or gift for bridesmaids!

Bridesmaid Tote buyers guide

If you're looking for the best bridesmaid tote, you've come to the right place. We've put together this buyer's guide to make it easier for you to find the perfect bag.


The cost of a tote bag will depend on the quality of the material used and how many pockets come with it. You can expect to pay $30-$200 for a good quality bag, with most falling within the $50-$80 range. The more expensive bags tend to have more features, so if you want lots of pockets or extra padding inside the bag, expect a higher price point. 


When looking at a bridesmaid tote, you’ll want to think about the size of the bag and how much it can hold. Make sure that your bridesmaids can fit their things in the bag comfortably and still have space for other essentials. The last thing you want is for one of your bridesmaids to have to carry around an overstuffed purse all night long!

You should also consider how many items can fit into this particular bridesmaid bag before they start bulging. If there aren’t enough pockets or compartments inside, it might be difficult for your friends to organize their stuff properly.


One of the most exciting things about a bridesmaid tote is that you can personalize it. There are many options for customization—you can choose from a wide range of colors, fonts, and thread colors for embroidery. You can also opt for monogramming, which is always a great choice if you want to make an impression on your guests!!


The material of the bag is also important. You should make sure that it’s durable enough to survive through all of the parties, travel, and tearful goodbyes. This means that you shouldn’t go for something like silk or satin unless you want your bridesmaid gift to end up in tatters

How to Choose the totes that best match your wedding party's personality 

When choosing the totes that will best match your wedding party's personality, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, consider the colors and fabrics that each of your attendants would look good in. If you have a mix of people with different skin tones and hair colors, it might be tricky to find something everyone can wear. But with a little effort, you should be able to find something that suits everyone.

Personalize each tote with the bridesmaid's name

If you're looking for the perfect way to show your wedding party how much you appreciate them, personalized totes make a great choice. Not only are they practical gifts that your attendants can use daily, but they can also be customized with each bridesmaid's name. This makes them extra unique and ensures that everyone will feel appreciated on your big day.

Give them to your bridesmaids as a thank-you gift for being part of your wedding party. 

One of the best ways to show appreciation for your bridesmaids is to give them totes as a thank-you gift. This is a great way to tell them you appreciate their help and support during the wedding planning process. It's also nice to say thank you for being such an essential part of your big day.

Watch them smile and love you forever!

When finding the perfect thank-you gift for your wedding party, nothing will make them smile wider than receiving a personalized tote bag. Not only will they love the gesture, but they'll also appreciate being able to use the bag daily. Whether they use it for work, school, or running errands,


A personalized tote is always a great option if you’re still undecided on what to give your bridal party. Not only are they practical, but they can also be a lot of fun! Be sure to browse our selection of designs and colors to find the perfect one for your wedding party. Thanks again for reading, and we wish you all the best in your upcoming nuptials!