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Top 10 Bachelorette Party Shirts

Bride and Boujee & Bad and Boozie

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These shirts are a tribute to the 2016 hit song “Bad and Boujee” by Lil Uzi Vert. Boujee, by the way, is a hip hop slang term for a person who has a lifestyle of luxury but is not arrogant and Lil Uzi Vert was saying in the song how his girl was such a boujee. So just like the message of the song, these shirts appear as neat and glamorous but the people wearing them are bad, bad girls (in a good way)!  

Custom Text Bachelorette Shirt

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If you’re looking for a shirt which offers full customization as to the text print and image design, look no further than the custom text shirt. You can put any words that you want on it. Crazy-sounding, witty, or cute - we’ll print it out for you. And if you’re looking for suggestions on some catchy words, we’ve got you covered!

I Said Yes - That's What She Said

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These tag team shirts are a playful tribute to the “That’s what she said” jokes popularized by Steve Carrell in The Office. On the day of your bachelorette party with your girls, go around town in these shirts, get some drinks, go to the club. Let people know how happy you are for saying yes! 

The Bride - The Bride Crew


This shirt design is more revealing and tighter in fit. Great to wear if your bachelorette party is on the beach, at a pool resort, or in the club. If you and your girls are in a playful mood. If you wanna drink your hearts out. If you wanna run at the beach with hands held together. If you wanna dance while shouting in excitement. This shirt is the perfect getup!

Bride Tribe & Bride

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What better way to show you and your bridesmaids’ strong sisterhood than to gear up in the Bride Tribe & Bride collection? Short sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and swimsuits, you have all the choices. You’re one team. One Tribe. Girl power. You girls are like the beautiful Amazon warriors in Greek mythology who are fierce to the bone and you can show your feminine camaraderie in these attires!

Getting Nauti & Getting Ship Faced

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These witty shirts are just one of our many templates that we have for you. We recommend buying these shirts if you and your gals are going to the beach for your bachelorette party. If you’re scheming to hook up your girls with some hunks at the beach, tell them to roll up and tie their shirts so they can show some skin!

Corona Bride - Corona Bride Squad

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Are you one of those brides who’s getting married in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic? These shirts are a good way to show your optimism that things will eventually go back to normal. Italian bakers did their own version of staying upbeat by creating cakes that are shaped like the corona virus so you might actually want to include something like that in your party.

Just Drunk - Love Drunk

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These pun intended shirts are meant to encourage your bridesmaids to find their partner in case they still choose to be single or to say yes to their boyfriends. It’s a subtle way to tell them that there’s a lot of value in settling down, getting married, and planning the future with an awesome life partner.

Bride - Bride’s Flock


Sometimes the best way to grab the attention of other people is by sending clear and simple messages. You’re the bride and your girls are the bridesmaids. Don’t be surprised if you walk down the streets in these shirts and people will be smiling at you, cheering for you, saying congratulations, and some might even take pictures with you. This is a feel-good shirt. In a simple, single word, you’re telling the world how proud you are to belong to someone and that all your girls are behind you. 

Bride & Team Bride

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It’s normal for a bride like you to feel jittery before your wedding. The pressure... Your partner’s relatives coming in... All the life changes that will happen... It can be quite overwhelming and that’s why your girls are there to back you up. You and your girls are one unit and it would be a really good sign of appreciation if you gifted them with uniformed shirts that they can wear while you all are having fun at your party.