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Bride Patch Pearl Denim Jacket

Bride Patch Pearl Denim Jacket

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(White Pearl) Bride Patch White Pearl Denim Jacket - Custom Bride Jean Jacket

Customization is the new fashion, they say, well they sure are right. Sales of customizable clothes and fashion accessories have skyrocketed in recent years. This happens because customized clothes offer you a unique look and make you feel much more confident. This unique (White Pearl) Bride Patch White Pearl Denim Jacket would do just the same.

Made up of denim, this jacket has the classic denim white color, complementing this classy look. In addition, the jacket comprises a starry beads stitch towards its top. This bead stitch has big and small, cute white-colored beads. These beads are stitched together in uneven distances, thus giving the jacket a starry look.

Stitched together in an even and neat manner, this Custom Bride Jean Jacket can be paired with different clothes. Due to the jacket's simple look, it is wearable on almost every other type of occasion. Made up of good quality material, the jacket is sure to keep you warm while also making you look stylish.

The main highlight of this jacket is the customization that it offers. Due to its square stitch on the back, the jacket has ample space for you to customize the text you want. It could be your name, particular date, or the name of the person you want to gift this jacket.

Another customization that this jacket offers is customizing any text on the collar. The text on the collar is significantly smaller in size than the one on the back. This can make the collar text act as a supporting text for the back. You can add the collar text by adding just $4 into the actual amount of this denim jacket.

The best part about this text customization is getting it in several colors. The colors include White, Black, Black glitter, gold glitter, silver glitter, metallic gold, and metallic rose gold.

denim bridal jacket 

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