Sister of the Bride Robes

Collection: Sister of the Bride Robes

The bride is the star of the show, but your most important bridesmaid deserves some love too! When your wedding rolls around, give your sister a special shout out with her own personalized robe.

Below you'll see beautiful designs made specifically for the sister of the bride.

Satin Robes for Every Style

What kind of bridesmaid is your sister?

Is she the no-nonsense class act bridesmaid who swoops in to tidy up the finer details and make sure the bride can have a grand time at her wedding? Is she the fun, sweet bridesmaid who brightens everyone’s day? Is she the hilarious, sassy bridesmaid who makes everyone roll on the floor laughing? Is she the girl power, kick butt and take names bridesmaid who helps you feel like your best self?

No matter what kind of bridesmaid your fabulous sister is, there’s a set of satin robes for her in our shop. Maybe it’s an elegant black or glamorous champagne. Maybe it’s Elle Woods-style hot pink. Maybe it’s a fun and fabulous green. There’s a style for every wedding, and in our store, there’s a robe for every sister of the bride.

Plus, all our robes are made with silky, high-quality satin. Your sister will love getting ready in this gift--it’s comfortable, but she’ll feel wrapped in luxury while she gets ready for the wedding.

Personalized Robe Design

Color isn’t the only fun part of ordering bridesmaid robes for your sister. You can make her satin robe as unique as she is.

Is she the type who loves beautiful cursive script? Maybe she loves a sweet, flowy style? Maybe you want to keep her robe on-theme with the event with a heart or a ring? You can find all this and more in our store.

Once you've selected a style, choose from a vast array of robe colors, robe sizes, and text colors. All customized robes are designed based on our templates or otherwise are made to order.

Robe Sizes for Bridesmaids of Any Age

We know every bridesmaid is different. So is every family. So whether you’re a big sister, a little sister, or one of a whole pack of sisters, there are robes here to fit your sister no matter what.

We carry:

  • Adult (small, medium, large)
  • Plus (1XL - 4XL)
  • Youth (3 to 16 years)

No matter who your sister is, we guarantee you’ll find a style and size of robe that makes her look fabulous. And because all our satin robes use timeless cuts that are universally flattering, you’ll never need to worry about finding the right robe for her.

Treat the Sister of the Bride Right

Who says a bridal robe is limited to the bride? A bridesmaid plays a big role in making your wedding happen--especially if she’s your sister! So when your wedding comes around, make sure to treat your sister right with a sister-of-the-bride satin robe she’ll cherish for years to come.