All about Pretty Robes: Satin, Silk, Floral, Lace & Many More

  • Materials used for Bridal Robes

  • What is the best material for comfort?

  • Prices of Pretty Robes Products vs Prices of robes in the market

  • What are satin? And silk robes? What is the difference?

  • What type of robe do you want? Lace Robes or Simple Elegant Robes?

  • Robe colors and meaning of colors, how to choose a color for your robes

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High Quality and Premium Robes at Pretty Robes

Pretty Robes has been in the business for quite a time now. We have managed to provide hundreds of satisfied users of our Bridal Robes. What is not known to many is how we managed to provide the top quality robes in the market. If you haven’t scrolled through our website I suggest you browse through our products and see the different categories Pretty Robes has to offer.

Satin, Floral and Lace Robes

Satin Robes

Our fine satin robes are not only elegant but are made of softest material. Not compromising comfort or style, we make sure that our products are as beautiful as they are comfortable to wear. Light, durable and elegant.

Floral Robes

Stylish floral robes gives you more touch of style in every robe. Choose from our selection of patterns, you can wear a unique pattern for you and each of your bridesmaids. The Floral robes are made to look Classy and elegant. Our floral robes are pretty and unique from other sellers of Floral Robes.

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Lace Robes

Designed to look sexy, Lace Robes give you a more sensual appeal. The mesh in the lace are not only beautiful to the eyes but also feels breezy. The mesh allows more air to flow through the fabric.

Lace Robes image

Silk or Satin

Silk and Satin are often Confused as the same material. Anyone can easily get confused even when touching the material from the other. So how do you distinguish Satin from Silk? The answer is Silk is natural while satin are synthetically produced. Silk is naturally produced by using animal protein fibers – mostly from silk worms. Satin can be made of pure silk, but are weaved with other material like cotton and polyester.

Silk is expensive to produce, while satin may or not be cheaper. Satin can be redesigned to feel more comfortable than silk, while silk can be limited to the natural feel of silk produced by silk worms.

When looking into actual material, a Satin may appear exactly the same as silk, but most often satins are not as bright or shiny as silk. Satins have a more pale or bland color but works just fine as satins are more preferable in the satin or silk market.

Some satins may also appear to have a more silky texture in the front than the back. The higher the quality of satin the less likely it would appear to have an obvious difference with silk

Which one to USE?

Expensive satins are more comfortable than silk as they are produced or paired with cotton and any other fabric. Since silk is also naturally produced it may cost you more to use silk than satin in other materials.

Satin’s are widely used in high end brands for comforters, bed sheets, clothes and Pretty Robes!


Prices of Satin Robes

At Pretty Robes the cost for a Satin Robe can be as low as $15 during our promo period, and this usually lasts for a couple of days and is good until our supplies last.

Compared to our competitors, we can say that our prices are more affordable.  Our quality is also great. We have more varieties in our market place if you want to check out.

Choosing a Color for your Robe

We have lots of different robe colors to choose from.  We have wine red color for sexier appeal, white for a more elegant look, royal blue. Also some colors are perfect for different complexion. Feel free to choose your colors

Custom Robes

We also customize robes for bridal party, or special bridesmaid robes for prenuptial or wedding day photo shoot. We have different sizes for our robes, you can even order for plus size. 

We are obsessed about weddings, so if you are a bridesmaid or a bride to be looking for the perfect robe do not hesitate to reach us, we can pick the best robe for you!

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