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When deciding on the robes you want to have for you and your bridesmaids at your wedding, before you choose the perfect color, style, and pattern, you want to make sure that the material is one that is both comfortable and functional. Nobody wants the added stress of wearing uncomfortable materials while you try to get ready for your big day.

 Satin robes have polyester as one of their component fabrics. Polyester is a type of plastic that is sourced from petroleum and produced by mixing acid and alcohol in a laboratory which then melts the plastic and produces polyester fibers.

 Now before you freak out and think that polyester-made satin robes for women are made of some scary stuff, remember that many of the things we use in everyday life are derived from plastic. And as the sections below discuss, you’d be surprised to know that these plastic-made clothes are good for your health and good for the environment. Consider the answers to some of our frequently asked questions:


Are Satin Robes Customizable?

 Polyester’s flexibility allows it to be contoured to various body shapes and sizes. From flower girl robes to 4XL robes, with polyester satin, everyone has the opportunity to find and wear a robe that is perfect for them. The same cannot be said of natural fibers. Because of the latter’s inconsistent properties, the robe maker is forced to add more layers, stitching, and supportive elements which add to the weight of the fabric which is already heavy to begin with. The robe may end up with a bulky robe which will make the wearer look puffy. With polyester satin robes, you can be assured that the material will be lightweight and allows for a full range of movement for anyone who chooses to wear it. Polyester satin robes promise pretty robes for you and your girls on your wedding day.


Are Satin Robes Comfortable?

 Polyester satin robes are light, smooth, and warm to the skin. All these properties lead to a very comfortable experience. Many natural fibers, on the other hand, are heavier in weight and often contain materials that are irritating while on the skin. In addition, the fact that natural fibers retain sweat and moisture can cause discomfort if the weather is humid, rainy, or hot. These materials act as a sponge in these circumstances and trap damp conditions in the material, creating a heavy, wet, and cold robe when worn for an extended period of time.


Are Satin Robes Safe For People with Allergies?

 Satin is resistant to bacteria and molds so it is safer to use for people with allergies and sensitivities. Imagine having bridal photos ruined by bridesmaids who are sneezing and coughing because of their cotton or linen bridesmaid robes! Allergies aren’t something you can control, but you can decide to use bridesmaid robes that are better suited for people who suffer from them.


Do Satin Robes Retain Sweat or Odors?

 Here in Texas, we know all about heat. Spring and summer can be quite brutal at times and sweating is something you can’t always prevent. Natural fabrics soak up moisture quickly and can result in damp robes when exposed to heat or hot temperatures. Adding insult to injury, “sponge” fabrics encourage the growth of bacteria from moisture build up. So, not only will you end up with a robe that is damp, but also one that smells. Whenever you and your girls are getting ready, you want to make sure that makeup that you or a hired makeup artist worked on stays put, and in warmer climates that can be a struggle. Robes with natural fibers that lock-in heat may cause more sweating than you would prefer and could even ruin your makeup if the heat becomes too much. Satin robes, on the other hand, are quick-drying, preventing bacteria from growing and causing those discomforts. This is important to note if you’re planning a wedding during the warmer seasons or live in an area where high temperatures or humidity are common.


Do Polyester Satin Robes Shrink in the Dryer?

 Unlike natural fibers which shrink and expand depending on the temperature, polyester fabric is able to retain its original shape. There’s no worse feeling than to order your robe in your exact measurements and then find out that it ends up shrinking or expanding on your wedding day. This can be a very hassling experience. Because Polyester is a synthetic fabric and largely made out of plastic, garments made out of this material will pretty much last forever as long as kept away from extremely high heat, which would melt the material. Normal washing and drying settings, however, should never damage polyester materials or cause it to stretch or shrink. This is why we choose polyester satin for our bridal and bridesmaid robes because we know that they are consistent even after washing and drying.


Are Satin Robes Versatile?

 Polyester satin threads are highly compatible when mixed with other fabrics like silk and nylon. This feature leads to the ability to combine the strong properties in each fabric. Satin robes are therefore a product of scientific work and even now, are still being continually improved. If you didn’t know, the cozy and quick-drying modern athletic socks that you wear are actually a combination of polyester and nylon. You’ve probably noticed that the thick cotton socks that you wore when you were younger felt uncomfortable compared to modern sports socks. Because of the molecular structure of polyester, the material is also less prone to creasing which is very useful for brides with destination weddings who would have to pack their robes in a suitcase and may not have direct access to steamers or clothing irons. Man-made or manufactured synthetic fibers like polyester allow the material to have whatever qualities we wish for them, making them a great and versatile material to use for a variety of purposes.


Are Polyester Satin Robes Recyclable?

 Probably its most relevant feature in an age where climate change is a major issue and many are looking for items that are better for the environment. Natural fibers require a lot of water, fossil fuel, and fertilizers to produce and even then, they eventually disintegrate, leading to fast fashion practices. Polyester satin, on the other hand, can be endlessly recycled and reduces energy consumption and waste generation. Polyester also does not require land for cultivation unlike natural fibers such as cotton, so it’s a material that doesn’t take away from natural biodiversity. Because polyester fabrics are so durable, our polyester satin robes can be reworn for years after your wedding, passed down to others who may like to wear them for their wedding, or donated where people can purchase and either use or upcycle the material.


Are Polyester Satin Robes Durable?

 Other fabrics have to be woven in thick layers before they can achieve strength but polyester’s long and stable polymers make it really tough even with just a thin layer. This means that you can be confident in putting it in the laundry machine. It also will not tear even if it is intentionally stretched by hand. You also don’t have to worry about getting cheap-looking or sheer robes as polyester satin is a material that is tough and thick enough that you won’t be able to see through it. This quality makes polyester satin the perfect material for robes as they are comfortable while still maintaining a thickness that allows for worry-free dressing. The strength in the polyester satin permits it to be printed with vinyl or embroidered without getting damaged. Because it is durable, you can expect that the robe that you buy now will last for many, many years. Strong and lightweight. You get the best of both worlds.


How Expensive are Satin Robes?

 The production cost of polyester is much lower compared to the processing of natural fibers like wool. Polyester fibers can be manufactured in large numbers at a cheap cost. Ultimately, the buyer benefits from this because they can get materials made from polyester for a good price, meaning you can get your bridesmaid robes cheap! The capacity to print on polyester also allows for very cheap printed shirts to be made, another benefit for the consumer. Lastly, most fabrics including more expensive wool require lamination to make them water resistant. In comparison, polyester is waterproof by design. Manufacturers therefore do not have to engage in expensive lamination treatment so the costs to the environment are minimized.

 When buying robes for your wedding, there’s a lot of things to consider, but with our polyester satin robes a lot of those decisions are made easy. Pretty Robes has a large selection of robes to choose from for you and your bridesmaids to best suit your needs and theme. Our collection has a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from that can make you and your girls feel pampered and ready for the big day. Check out our best girl’s robes on our website and browse our wonderful assortment of pretty robes.

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