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Top 7 Wedding Gifts for your Bridesmaids this 2022

Bridesmaid gifts are on the top of the list of most brides because bridesmaids are the most special women in a bride’s life. Read on as we present to you the top 7 gifts you can give to your bridesmaids this 2022. Some of these items are conventionally bought to be used for the wedding day itself but all of these can also be used as gifts to your guests in the months leading to your wedding. We took ordinary objects and worked hard to creatively design them to have a special, wedding feel. 


Corona Wedding Hand Sanitizers

This hand sanitizer is a clever way to make sure that your bridesmaids observe all safety protocols in the months leading to your wedding. Because a sanitizer is a very portable item, they are most likely to bring it everywhere. Every time they look at the quote “Distance is temporary, love is forever,” they’ll be encouraged to maintain social distancing everywhere they go, get the vaccine if they have not yet been vaccinated, and properly wear face masks.  It’s a good strategy to positively influence them during the pandemic. 


Corona Wedding Frosted Cups

Wedding motto " covid wont' stop wedding image

You wouldn’t believe it but even your closest friends can have the tendency to forget your wedding day, especially if they’re living hundreds of miles away from you and don’t get to see you everyday. In modern-day living, people are too preoccupied with work that they often don’t have time for their own leisure time and miss out on events. A personal way to help them keep your wedding day on their calendar is to gift them these Corona Wedding Frosted Cups. Humans drink more than 10 cups of water a day and we’re not even including here soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Every time they have a drink, they’re gonna see your name, your wedding date, and the venue. So even if there are conflicting events that may arise, they’re gonna be able to look dozens of time at this cup, adjust their calendar, and prioritize your big day. 


Take a Shot We Tied The Knot 

Glass tie the knot image

We’ve all had friends who are very skeptical about marriage. Either they stay single or choose to stay in a long-term relationship with their boyfriend. There’s nothing wrong with these life choices, by the way. To each, their own. But if you think that your unmarried friends can have valuable new experiences if they meet their loved ones and tie the knot, then these shot glasses are a fun way to offer them the suggestion. For your bridesmaid who is single, you can tease her to take these shot glasses to the bar so that she’ll be sure to use clean glasses for her drinks. She’ll then be safer from the C virus when people come up to talk to her. For your undecided friend who’s had a boyfriend for years, tell her to have a drinking session with her man and have them go at it using these glasses. Let's see if they get drunk in love. 


Wedding Lip Balm Favors

lip balm image

Lip Balms are handy gifts that you can give to your bridesmaids which they can use during wedding photo shoots, getting ready moments, and while actually waiting for you to arrive at the altar. Dry lips can usually happen during these instances because facial products like makeup may fall on the lip area. Lighting from the cameras, huge projector bulbs, and smoke effects can also contribute to dry lips. The last thing you would want for your bridesmaids is for them to not look pretty in the pictures! The best thing about our lip balms is that they are all made from natural ingredients (including cocoa butter, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera Gel) and are safe to be used by all ages. 


Bridesmaid Tote Bag

bridesmaid samantha bag image

Do you remember the scenes in the iconic Sex and the City TV series where the female characters were walking side by side, bags on shoulders, and proudly smiling as one feminine squad? How good would it feel if you and your bridesmaids were to have that moment at the day of your bachelorette party. One of the things that women enjoy doing together is shopping and this bridesmaid tote bag is the perfect carrier for the items you’re gonna buy for the party. We can print the name of each of your bridesmaids on the tote bag making it a truly personalized gift.  Better get used to people at the mall taking pictures of you and your gals because you all are gonna look fabulous with these bags. 


Wired Bridesmaid Hanger

bridesmaid hanger image

This is the perfect item to gift to your bridesmaids along with the bridesmaid robe and the bridesmaid gown. This product takes a boring and mundane household item and turns it into a special thing that your bridesmaids would surely appreciate. Twisting a crude metal wire for it to form the shapes of all the letters in the word “bridesmaid” is an art in itself and your bridesmaids would definitely keep the hanger in their closets long after your wedding. 


Custom Matchbox Favors

custom match box image

Matchbox come in handy for your bridesmaids during their relaxing me-time moments after a hard day’s work. Whether it be for preparing tea, lighting up fragrances or candles at their bath tub, match boxes are a useful item. Gifting them this thing is also a good strategy to reinforce their memory on the date of your wedding day. Because they’re gonna use the match box during times when they’re relaxed, they’re more likely to have effective processing if your name and wedding day is printed on the box. 


There goes the top 7 wedding gifts for your bridesmaids this 2021. If you want to explore the other wedding gifts that we offer, head on to this page and feast your eyes on our varied collection!