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Can Bridesmaid Robes Be Used for a Wedding Dance Performance?

In our previous blog article, we listed 7 creative uses for bridesmaid robes aside from wearing them in the getting ready moment of the wedding.

In this written piece, we explore another use for bridesmaid robes which we discovered through a wedding celebration footage on Youtube. CINEMEMORIES posted a video recording of a bride and what seemed to be her bridesmaids doing a dance at the wedding reception. 

In the video, the groom was seated centerpoint while the guests and relatives flanked the dancing ladies eager to watch the performance. The bride was wearing a beautiful sleeveless golden gown while the three women with her were suited in silky smooth ivory-colored long sleeve bridesmaid robes with belts and flat collars. 

The thing that is immediately noticeable with the robes is how well they blended not just with the color of the bride’s dancing gown but to the general motif of the reception itself. Set in Palm Event Center in Pleasanton, California, the building interior was painted in autumn colors including brown and bronze and the ivory bridesmaid robes offered a creamy contrasting hue to the rustic ambience of the building.

The second thing to notice about the bridesmaid robes is that these were able to cater to varying body sizes. We estimate the ladies to be wearing large to extra large robes and they all looked comfortable and confident while moving in them. In each of the ladies, the robes are not saggy at all. They firmly retained their shape and nicely accentuated the women’s curves.

As a matter of fact, the dance performance lasted for more than 3 minutes and the ladies danced to the tune of not just one one but 3 lively songs and the robes were able to sway with each movement of the dancer. 

The third remarkable thing about the bridesmaid robes is their compatibility despite the different hair colors of the three women. The lady on the left has red-violet hair, the one on the middle has  black hair with thin golden accents, and the one to the right of the bride has also black hair but with thick accented curly golden strands. And in each of these ladies, the ivory robe looked shiny, form-fitting, smooth to the touch, and swaying. 

We can’t help but take note that the bridesmaid robes featured in this dance performance look very similar to our Ivory Satin Kimono Robe. As you can see in the two pictures above, our Ivory Bridesmaid and Bridal Robe can cater to different body sizes and can match varying hair styles and colors as well. As manufacturers of getting ready robes, we often follow base templates and stitching patterns to create a general mold that can easily be identified as a wedding day robe.  

The fourth awesome feature of the bridesmaid robes featured in the wedding dance is that they looked good even as the ladies were wearing black safety short pants and high-heeled shoes. So for those of you who only imagined BR robes with slippers and to be worn inside the salon, know that you can also wear them in sporty tights and sexy high heels while dancing. We wouldn’t be surprised if ballroom dancers or even female cyclists would want to wear their tights underneath a bridesmaid robe because these things feel light, cozy, and luxurious all at the same time!

The crowd of guests definitely enjoyed the performance. Who would’ve thought that bridesmaid robes would prove to be not only for getting ready at the salon but could also be used as dancing attire for a momentous performance that pleases the whole crowd. 

Over-all, the ladies bridesmaid robes provided a beautiful supporting cast to the bride. If you got inspired with this dance performance and are looking to do a similar thing for your groom, you can check out our rich collection of bridal and bridesmaid robes.