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7 Other Creative Uses for Bridesmaid Robes

Did you know that bridesmaid robes are such versatile clothing that they can be used for many other events aside from getting ready moments? Their stylish design and durable build make them suitable for various types of activities. Curious to find out? Read on!


So you and your friends planned a sleepover for the weekend. Your friends told you to wear your best-looking pajama because there’s gonna be a mini fashion show at the pajama party. You, however, got busy with work and you were only reminded a few hours before call up time. Stores are closed and the only pajamas you’ve got are old ones. Don’t panic! Remember that pretty bridesmaid robe you wore at your best friend’s wedding? Sure, it’s technically not a pajama but who cares. You’re gonna stand out!

Halloween Party

A bridesmaid robe is a pretty thing to look at but you can actually use it to give off a beautifully haunting vibe. You can choose the black colored robe, put on some dark red lipstick and devilish eye liners, stick some long claws on your fingers, and wear high heels. Oooooh! You’re gonna look pretty and witchy all at the same time!

Seducing Your Boyfriend

We’re guessing either one of these special occasions is approaching: it’s your monthsary with your boyfriend, it’s valentine’s day, or it’s new year’s eve. Maybe you won’t see your boyfriend for quite some time and you want to make the moment extra special. Enter the red bridesmaid robe! It’s sexy, seductive, and passionate-looking. So while you and your boyfie are chilling on the couch, excuse yourself and walk back to him very slowly wearing the robe. His blood pressure better be normal coz his eyes will pop out faster than soda when he sees you in it. Ha!

Improving Your Dating App Profile Picture

It’s the 21st century and it’s the age of non judgment. You can wear whatever you want wherever you wanna wear it. So if you’re single and you’re looking to make your online dating profile more steamy, we recommend the hot pink kimono robe. You can even put up a video of you swaying to the beat in this robe. You go girl!

Me Time

For a career woman, self care is as important as hard work. Wouldn’t it be nice to sip your coffee in your reclining chair on your balcony while reading your favorite book? With a silky smooth texture and sweat-absorbing properties, you can wear the blue kimono robe for the entire day at your home and feel loose and cozy . 


At the Spa

Spa robes are heavy, thick, and can get cumbersome. You wouldn’t want to feel heated while a mud cake is on your face and cucumber portions are riding your eyes. 

The materials on the peach bridesmaid robe, on the other hand, have just the right amount of density and lightness to keep you both warm and ventilated. Not many clothes are able to strike this balance!

So the next time that you go to the spa, bring a bridesmaid robe with you and ditch those plain white boring spa robes.

Christmas Party

Do you have an upcoming fun, costume-based office Christmas party  and you wanna grab the attention of your office crush? Here you go: the burgundy bridesmaid robe is a strong choice. Pair it up with santa’s hat, some nice boots, then walk up to your crush and offer him some chocolates. Merry Christmas!